Pure Gold Royalty Rewards

Welcome to Pure Gold ‘Royalty Rewards’ program

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Few experiences are as royal as ours. And you are the privileged few who are now a part of this royal world, partaking of its royal comforts. More than just another loyalty program, Royalty Rewards is a royalty program glimmering with special privileges and benefits.

Royalty Rewards Member Privileges

Royalty Rewards Benefits:

Royalty Rewards is a unique tier-based loyalty program that will earn you ‘Royalties’ (Cash Points) every time you conduct a purchase. We have created 4 distinctive tiers, each of which entitles you to special rewards and benefits.

The four tiers are labeled Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Every member will join in at the Silver tier level, but will have a chance to move up to a higher tier based on the cumulative value of their purchases. Higher the value of your purchases, higher the tier and subsequently higher the rewards you are entitled to.